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When we are closed if you need a cake urgently, please text me on my mobile leaving your name and contact telephone number and I will return your call or alternatively send an email with the details of your order requirements.or you can message me on facebook m.m/appleblossomcakesllandinam

Welcome to Appleblossom Wedding and Celebration Cakes
Appleblossom Cakes aim to provide the very best quality, Birthday, Wedding or celebration cakes for your special occasions.We hope that you find our website informative and easy to use.  We have just moved our business into the Mid Wales Area after trading successfully for over 9 years in the Midlands.  You will find our cake kitchen and studio at the above address and we hope that we continue to provide great service to you and have as successful a relationship with our customers here as we had previously in the Midlands.

Ordering your cake from Appleblossom - Just visit the cake page
All of our cakes are made to order so we don't keep cakes standing on the shelf. Everything is freshly made to your specifications.  When you place an order make sure that you tell us the date you wish to collect your cake as we try to make your cake just 2 days before collection so you have the freshest cake we can provide for you.  All of our celebration cakes are priced by the size you order. On the cake page you will find a list of all the sizes of cake we make, together with the portion guide and information about the price.  For ordering you will find instructions on the information we need from you for your order form to be prepared.  All of the cakes can be made smaller or larger depending on your requirements.  You will not find Wedding Cake prices on the cake page. 

Wedding Cake Consultations and Price Guide - Just visit the wedding cake consultation page
For Wedding Cakes we advise you to book a consultation.  You will find prices on the cakes that we have previously made in the cake galleries, but you may require a smaller or larger cake then is shown for your wedding, which is why we always advise you come for a quick chat.  There is a rough price guide on the page, prices can be significantly less or more depending on what detail, flavours fillings, flowers, ribbons, toppers etc so always ask!!

Visit our cake studio and check out our cake library for ideas for your celebration cake or to come for a chat about your order

Just some of our recent wedding and celebration cakes

Birthday close and forgot to order your cake?!!!

Short Notice Celebration Cakes
We do not stock ready made cakes, but we do short notice celebration cakes
These are made 1 - 2 days before your event (not same day)  
They are either round or square cakes with simple designs which we can do quickly for you.
We bake everything fresh so we don't keep cakes on the shelf, so please ring to order.

We cannot make full novelty style cakes as short notice cakes because sugar work & models have to dry before transporting or collecting the cake.  Always text or ring the landline for a quick response


Click on the green button and you will be taken to our cake page.  There you will find all of the prices and sizes of our celebration cakes.  and full instructions on how to place your order.  To find the flavours and fillings simply scroll down the cake page to the coloured boxes and answer the questions.  You can order everything on-line and receive your order form on-line for approval.  
If you have any questions then you can call or text for a quick response.

Delivery information and costs are also on the cake page.

The Birthday Galleries show cakes we have already made.  You may need to adjust your order to be smaller or larger then the ones shown in the Galleries so always check your portions on the cake page and order the size of cake which gives you the correct portions for your party.  To help you, I have put the size of the cake that was made and the price so you will have an idea of the proportions.

See our Testimonials page

When ordering a cake, its nice to know what existing customers have to say about their experience of ordering their cake from us.  Just visit our testimonials page, the comments there are from texts, emails and thank you notes received from our customers

Cake Boards, Cake Boxes and 
Cake Mixes

Whilst we love to make our customers cakes, some people prefer to make their own.  We do carry a range of cake boards, cake boxes, and cake mixes, so you can always pick up the necessary ingredients to make a successful cake.  We always carry white sugarpaste in stock, but if you require coloured sugarpaste give us a call a few days before and we can order in your pastes for you.  We're always happy to give advice if you are unsure about anything with your cake.

Special Diets

If you require a special diet cake, i.e. gluten free or dairy free or sugar free please try to give us at least a weeks notice Due to the shelf life of products, we do not always carry special ingredients in stock and only order in as requested to avoid wastage. If you require Egg free then we need at least 2 weeks notice please.


If you are unable to collect your cake from our premises for any reason then we do offer a delivery service for a small fee.
We charge £2.50 for deliveries within a 5 - 10 mile radius and £5.00  10 - 15 miles.  
Anything over that distance we charge an additional small fee of 50p per mile.

Due to our workload in the summer (Wedding Season) we do ask that you try to arrange to collect your cake from us 
because it means we spend less time away from the Kitchen when we are very busy.

When ordering a Wedding Cake then your delivery costs to your venue will be clearly marked on your order form so
you can make an informed choice about whether you wish to transport your cake yourself or ask us to take it for you.  

Birthday and Flower Packages

If you are ordering your cake from a distance away and are requesting a delivery to a relative we also do cake and floral packages where we deliver a cake, bouquet and card together.  Obviously this depends what is in season so call early so we can find a suitable package for you.  Once we know what flowers you would like in your bouquet and the size of cake you would like to order we can price up your package for you.  We only use local suppliers to provide floral bouquets. There is a delivery charge for this service.




Finding your way around the website

You should find it easy to find your way around and use the website, you use the green menu buttons set horizontally at the top of the page.  To get to the galleries click on the more button and the dropdown menu will appear for you.   Here is how our pages are set out.
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