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Cupcakes & Cupcake Towers &
Seasonal Cakes

Amanda Style Cupcake Tower
Personalised Bridal Topper
Price on Application
Mini Muffin
Wedding Tower
with Giant Cupcake Top
Price on Application
Graduation Cupcake
with 40g Assorted Flavour Cupcakes
Price on application
Bumble Bee Hive
Cupcake Tower
with 40g Cupcakes
Price on application
18th Birthday Tower
assorted 40g Cupcakes

Price on application
Bridal Cupcake Tower
Topcakes start from £50 each
Buttercream Topped 40g Cupcakes from £2.50 each
New York Mini
Muffin Cupcake Tower
with Bridal Topper

Price on application
Bridal Cupcake Tower 
with assorted flavour
40g Cupcakes

Black and Ivory Cupcake

40g Cupcakes @ £2.50 each
Chocolate, White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcake Tower

Price on application

Rose Cupcakes £2.50 Each
Burgundy Rose Swirl Cupcakes

From £2.75 Each
Vintage Pearl and Rose cupcakes £2.75 Each
Toffee Ruffle Cupcakes

From £2.00 each
Seasonal Cupcakes  available for Valentines Day Christmas Day, St David Day, Halloween and Trick or Treat or any other of yor special occasions

Cupcakes & cupcake towers

This lovely cake style comes and goes in and out of fashion and they always look beautiful.

Advantages of cupcakes for your celebration are that you can always find a flavour that your guests will love. Plain madeira, chocolate, lemon,  orange, toffee, carrott, chocolate orange, salted caramel,  rum raisen, peanut butter - the list is endless.

Special Diets

Gluten Free, sugar free, dairy free!!  Cupcakes can also come in your favourite flavours for special diets, and you can mix and match them.  This means that all of your family can enjoy a cake as part of your celebration without being left out.

Flavours for Cupcakes

Plain Madeira, Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Apple and Cinnemon, Pineapple, Mango, Salted Caramel, Banana and Walnut, Coffee, Carrot, Turkish Delight, Red Velvet, Rum Raisen, Rocky Road, Chocolate and Cherry, Toffee and Butterscotch, Blueberry, Mocha,
Mint Choc Chip, Lemon, Lemon Drizzle,Ginger, Chocolate Chip, Almond Bakewell, Nuttella, Golden Honeycombe, Red Velvet

Favour Biscuits

£3.50 each with wraps and ribbons to your specifications

Available in the following shapes

Wedding Shoes
Bridal Dress
Tiered Wedding Cake
Grooms Suit

Diamond Wedding Cupcake Tower

Price on application

Seasonal Cakes

Christmas Cakes in assorted designs

From £25.00
Rudolph and Santa Friends
10 inch Fruit Cake £70
Available in other sizes see our fruitcake prices
on the cake page
Charity Christmas Cakes 
Our Cakes can raise valuable income for your charity 
we make 10 charity cakes a year so book yours early
We can provide lots of designs for Christmas Cakes, usually once we have had a chat and have an idea of what you would like we can develop the design to include any themes that you like.