Wedding Cakes & Consultations

Welcome to Appleblossom Wedding Cakes

Congratulations on your forthcoming Wedding Day.  We hope that we can assist you to
have a beautiful cake for your celebration.  Please bear in mind when looking through the
wedding galleries that each cake we make takes into consideration the couples individual instructions for their cake.  

Each couple will have different things on the checklist for their wedding cake, for some couples there may be a limited budget, others might have a themed cake in mind, some
may like a novelty style, some a vintage one and some a very contemporary or modern

We can assist you with all of these styles and would advise anyone looking to order a cake
to book a free consultation.  This is so you can discuss your requirements for your cake at your leisure and in greater detail.  You don't need to rush the process and a consultation allows you to taste the cakes (so you know what you like) and it can save you money, time and stress.

Here or Home for your appointment

You can choose to come for a consultation at our studio, or arrange a home appointment where we come to you.  You can choose 5 - 6 flavours and fillings from our extensive list
(which you will find on our cake page) and have those made for you to try.  Once chosen
you can discuss your wedding cake design in greater detail, including your theme, budget, colours, presentation style, stand hire, flowers or modelling.  Once everything has been discussed a full quotation with all the ingredients and materials listed and costed will be
sent to you.   

If you are happy with the quotation, a £50 deposit secures your date in the work diary and your balance payment can be made on your viewing night (yes you see your cake before delivery) and we can then arrange delivery to your venue for a small fee or you can collect your cake yourself if you prefer at no cost.  

We have found that this service has been greatly appreciated by our customers.  We don't have any clever gimmicks, or hidden costs, we just simply offer to make the best quality wedding cake we can for your celebration and provide you with a quality product which is good value for money.

Always mention at your consultation if there is a budget we need to be respectful of.  It is disappointing when you find a design that you love when it maybe outside of your budget. Consultations enable us to discuss a variety of ways to help you have the cake of your dreams without breaking the bank, so the golden rule is 'always ask'.

Wedding Cake Price Guide
We often get telephone calls asking for prices for cakes without people coming for a consultation.  For these queries I can only give rough guides for this as we haven't had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the design of the cake in great detail.  For cakes we have already made  you will find a price in the cake galleries.  All of the  cakes can be made larger or smaller then those shown in the picture and prices can be adjusted accordingly.  

2 Tier Stacked Cakes are available in many sizes so we usually price these up on application depending on the size you require.

3 TIER STACKED CAKES Available in 3 sizes  

Prices for 3 tier 8 6 and 4  Column Style American stacked cakes start from £295.00 to £335.00 depending on your choice of design
This size of cake will roughly cut for 70 - 90 small portions

Prices for 3 tier 10 8 and 6 American stacked cake style start from £335.00 to £395.00 depending on your choice of design

This size of cake will roughly cut for 120 small portions

Prices for a 3 Tier 12 10 and 8 American stacked cake style start from £355.00 - £440.00 depending on your choice of design

This size of cake will roughly cut for 140 small portions

If you choose a more traditional Cake, Crystal Spiked Pillars come in a choice of 7 and 9 inches and will be included in your quotation.  Alternatively you can choose a chrome stand.  You will find more details of stands for hire costs on our About Us page.

4 TIER STACKED CAKES Available in 3 sizes

Prices for 4 Tier 10,8 6 and 4 American stacked style cake start at £365.00 to £450.00 depending on design

This size of cake will roughly cut for 130 small portions

Prices for 4 Tier 12,10,8,and 6 American stacked style cakes start at £385.00 to £470.00 depending on your choice of design

This size of cake will roughly cut for 160 small portions

Prices for 4 tier 14, 12, 10, and 8 American Stacked style cake start at £415.00 - £550 depending on your choice of design
This size of cake will roughly cut for 190 small portions

Anything over 4 tiers will be priced on request.

Budget Wedding Cakes

There are many reasons why a couple may find themselves working to a fixed budget for their wedding.  Over the years I have worked with many lovely couples who have found themselves having to make difficult choices about what they can have for their wedding and deciding what they will have to leave out, especially if they are paying for their wedding themselves.  Some couples think they may not have enough money to have a cake, but we can ALWAYS find a way to help them have a cake for their special day.  

This is why I always advise that you come for a consultation.  We can discuss your budget in detail,  find designs you will love, adjust cake mixes, sugarpastes or the use of dummy cakes which can dramatically reduce the cost of a cake to help you have a lovely cake,
or failing that you can even hire one of our dummy cakes for your photos and just have slab cakes to serve at your wedding.

Always tell us when ringing if there is a budget that you want to be respectful of and we can then give you the best advice to get a fabulous cake.  There are always solutions to problems.  You just have to ask!!!